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Sick of kicking your KTM yet?

Our starter motor rebuild kit for the 2006-2011 KTM 250/300 is the solution. KTM's OEM starter motor is about $300, compared to Rick's Motorsport Electrics aftermarket starter rebuild kit at just $74.95!

The starter motor rebuild kit is just one of the many parts in Rick’s expanding dirt/off road motorsport parts line-up.  

KTM starter motors are very small and originally designed as a back-up device.  But when you’re racing or just want to start quick, you use them all the time & wear them out,” says company president Richard Shaw. “That’s why we developed this kit.

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KTM Starter Motor Rebuild Kit Rick's Motorsport Electrics Part Number 70-604

Product # 70-604 Starter Motor Rebuild Kit

Description Aftermarket starter motor rebuild kit includes:

  • armature
  • brush plate with brushes
  • bearing
  • bearing seal
  • bushing

Price $ 74.95

In Stock

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