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Aftermarket 2009 Buell 1125R Stator

Manufactured by Rick's Motorsport Electrics
4.9 of 5 (324 customer reviews)

Model #21-026H

The aftermarket Buell stator has been built to OEM specs with upgrades for improved performance. The engineers at Rick's Motorsport Electrics have optimized the heat disbursement system on the Rick's aftermarket Buell stator. This gives it a higher operating temperature than the OEM stator, enabling the stator to charge the motorcycle at a higher temperature without burning up. Save 50% from the cost of the OEM Buell part and improve your bike's electrical system performance with better heat distribution. The Rick's aftermarket Buell stator fits the 2009 Buell 1125R motorcycle.

Price $ 236.95

Customer Reviews

2009 Buell 1125 R Stator - by , February 20, 2014
5/ 5 stars
My 2009 Buell 1125 CR had roasted its stock stator. After doing a ton of research and after reading numerous testimonials about Rick's, I decided to go with their new stator. What a smart guy I turned out to be..It was a beautifully made part with a complete plug and grommet already installed. It went right in and with the help of an EBR drilled rotor and a CE 605 SB voltage regulator kit from Jack at, my beast is now producing a whopping 13.8V constantly. Before, in traffic it would drop to less than 12V and heated up to the point where it shorted and melted. A really easy ordering procedure and quick, reasonable more worries

Buell Stator - by , January 23, 2014
5/ 5 stars
Amazing product! I am very happy I save hundreds on this replacement stator and it's actually improved my bikes performance. This is definitely the best Buell 1125R stator I've heard of.

Best aftermarket 2009 Buell Stator - by , Septbmer 14, 2013
5/ 5 stars
I burned out the stator on my 2009 Buell 1125R and looked all over the place for a replacement part. The OEM stator costs an arm and a leg. This Hot Shot stator from Rick's lets me rev harder with out over heating. Thanks guys! Great part!

Solid Buell Stator, Good Deal - by , May 17, 2013
4.5/ 5 stars
I'm all about pushing it to the limits. This stator helps me get there. It's perfectly tuned for my 2009 Buell 1125R. If you need a replacement, or your electrical system has been overheating, definitely upgrade to the Rick's Buell Hot Shot stator before your burn out the original part.

About Rick's Motorsport Electrics Aftermarket Buell Stator

Rick's Motorsport Electrics has been producing high quality OEM style 3-phase charging system electrical stators motorcycles for over 30 years. These Buell Stators have been upgraded for improved performance and reliability. Specifically, the stator wiring has been optimized for for maximum heat disbursement. You will find we are selling our stator for half the price of the OEM Buell stator.

Fits Buell Motorcycle Year + Models:

  • 2009 Buell 1125R Stator

How a Buell Stator Works and Why it is Important

As a functional part of the alternator, the stator plays a major role in generating power for the motorcycle. Stators are made up of copper wire wound around a steel core to form coils. When a magnetic flywheel attached to the end of crankshaft rotates around the stator it produces AC (alternating current). The AC power is input to a Rectifier/Regulator unit where it is converted (rectified) to DC (direct current) and then regulated to run accessory equipment and keep the battery charged.

If you have a Rick's stator, will it improve the bike's performance?

The Rick’s Buell Stator will improve your motorcycles performance by increasing the reliability of the part and it's longevity.

Save 50% on Cost of OEM Buell Stator

Rick's stator will run longer without burning up and cost about half the price of an OEM piece. We are currently the exclusive manufacturer of Buell aftermarket motorcycle stators.

Why Buell Motorcycle Stators Fail and What You Can Do to Prevent It

These Buell stators are oil cooled. They fail because there is not enough oil making contact with the stator to cool it down, so it burns up. Eric Buell Racing (EBR) has come up with a solution to solve the oil problem by drilling a hole in the flywheel. This allows more oil to flow into the cavity to cool the stator. Rick's stator can run at a higher temperature for a longer amount of time. This two prong approach will solve the problem. There is no way to prevent the OEM stator from failing. You can delay an inevitable failure by upgrading to the EBR flywheel and replacing the stator with Rick's.

Is it better to send in the OEM stator to Rick's and rewind it? Or should you just buy a new stator?

We no longer offer a rewinding service for the Buell stators. The brand new piece is much more cost effective and eliminates any down time associated with rebuilding.

How to Replace Your Buell Motorcycle Stator

  • How easy it is to replace the stator on your own?
  • Do you need any special tools?
  • Are there any blog posts or video on there sites offering good tutorials on installing the stator?
  • Rick's stator comes complete with the factory plug ends and grommet for easy installation. If someone is mechanically inclined, replacing the stator is pretty straight forward. You will need a fly wheel puller as a special tool to do the job. Always be sure to consult a service manual before doing any vehicle maintenance as well as taking all the proper safety precautions.


    All Rick's Hot Shot Series Buell Stators come with a one year replacement warranty.

    Call us at 603-329-9901 to inquire about a custom rebuild on your old Buell stator.

    *Please note that any piece listed as “20-custom” requires you to send your core to us. That is a custom stator rebuild job and we will need your old stator part to rebuild it.

    • We back our Buell Stators with a one year warranty.
    • When replacing your Buell stator your should also replace your Buell Stator Gasket Cover.
    • Item is bike specific, may vary from image