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Polaris CDI Box

CDI Box Aftermarket Part Search

Aftermarket Polaris CDI Box

Manufactured by Rick's Motorsport Electrics
4.7 of 5 (324 customer reviews)

Model #15-506

The Polaris CDI Box (capacitor discharge ignition) works for multiple types of all-terrain vehicles. The CDI box is part of the Polaris engine's electronic ignition system. At Rick's we specialize in producing high performance electrical components for motorsport engines. The Rick's Motorsport Electrics Hot Shot Polaris CDI box retains the stock curve and has a rev limit of 10,000 RPM.

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Customer Reviews

Polaris HOT SHOT CDI Ignition Box - by , November 23, 2013
5/ 5 stars
Just replaced my stock CDI box because it was defective. This new Polaris CDI Box from Rick's lets me rev way over the redline. I'm almost glad the CDI box went because I wouldn't have realized what I was missing!

2004 Polaris Xplorer 250 CDI Brain Box High Output - by , October 12, 2013
4.8/ 5 stars
This high output box lets me really crank some high revs on my Xplorer. Great replacement CDI Box for the Polaris Xplorer, can't go wrong with this piece.

Great Polaris Sportsman CDI Box - by , June 4, 2013
4/ 5 stars
Great upgrade! The increased rpm redline and altered ignition advance curves open up the true power of the Sportsman engine so it revs higher. Glad I replaced my OEM CDI Box which turned out to be defective anyway

About Rick's Motorsport Electrics Aftermarket Polaris CDI Box

Rick's Motorsport Electrics has been producing high quality OEM style capacitor discharge ignition boxes (CDI boxes) for Polaris ATVs, Quads and snowmobiles for over 30 years. These Polaris CDI Boxes have been upgraded for improved performance and reliability.

Rick's Motorsport Hot Shot CDI ignition boxes are available for a variety of motorsport / powersport applications. The Hot Shot CDI boxes offer some amazing performance upgrades. The Hot Shot CDI ignition boxes deliver a hotter spark and advanced power curves. This will enable your vehicle to rev up to an extra 1,000 rpm over redline. You can also use the Rick's CDI boxes to replace defective stock Polaris CDI boxes.

  • Ignition Box Output: Capacitive discharge
  • Circuitry: Analog
  • Rev Limiter: Yes
  • Additional RPMs over redline: 1,000 RPMs