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aftermarket Honda Regulator Rectifier

Aftermarket Honda Regulator Rectifier

Honda Regulator Rectifier

Rick’s Motorsport Electrics has been manufacturing motorcycle, ATV, & UTV charging components for over 30 years. This new unit combines your bike’s separate rectifier and regulator into one modern unit that is perfect for custom café racers! This is designed to plug into the stock wiring harness. All Rick’s regulator rectifier come with a one year replacement warranty.

Price $108.95

About Rick's Honda Regulator Rectifier

Why the Honda Regulator Rectifier is Important

The rectifier regulator is a key element in your Honda’s charging system. Many older vehicles, such as your Honda, relied on older field-excited charging circuits that utilized a separate rectifier and regulator. Rick’s Motorsport Electrics has developed a part that merges the two outdated components into a single solid-state device with modern technology..

Additional Tips for installing Rick’s Part# 10-100

Connecting the regulator - the 3 single wires with spade terminals are meant to be plugged in at the same location as the color coded wires going to the OE regulator.

Connecting the rectifier - Disconnect the 6-position, 5 wire connector from the OE rectifier & plug the identical connector on the 10-100 in its place.

Excerpted from a CB750/550 Wiring Diagram

The 10-100 regulator is connected to the harncss via the 3 single wires with spade terminals (these plug into the wires that originally were going to the tabs on the OE regulator). The color code remains the same. The 10-100 rectifier plugs into the harness at the same location as the OE rectifier.

Your charging system should end up matching this diagram

Rick’s Motorsport makes a variety of parts for your vintage bikes - check them out here!

Fits Honda Year + Models

Rick's Honda Regulator Rectifier Model #10-100 will replace all of these Honda Motorcycle Models

1972 CB350F Supersport
1973 CB350F Supersport
1974 CB350F Supersport
1975 CB400F
1976 CB400F
1977 CB400F
1971 CB500K
1972 CB500K
1973 CB500K
1975 CB550F
1976 CB550F
1977 CB550F
1974 CB550K
1975 CB550K
1976 CB550K
1977 CB550K
1978 CB550K
1975 CB750F Supersport
1976 CB750F Supersport
1977 CB750F Supersport
1978 CB750F Supersport
1969 CB750K SOHC
1970 CB750K SOHC
1971 CB750K SOHC
1972 CB750K SOHC
1973 CB750K SOHC
1974 CB750K SOHC
1975 CB750K SOHC
1976 CB750K SOHC
1977 CB750K SOHC
1978 CB750K SOHC

Customer Reviews

4.8 of 5 (23 customer reviews)
Aftermarket Honda Regulator Rectifier - by , March 18, 2015
5/ 5 stars
Great replacement part for Honda bikes. I've used this on multiple Hondas brought to my shop with burnt of rectifier regulators. Can't beat the price!