8 Reasons You Need A Clymer Manual

Some enthusiast riders visit a mechanic every time their motorcycle needs service. That’s okay, but not for everyone. Motorcycle mechanics can charge a premium cost for simple maintenance anyone can do. There is also a time penalty involved in having to locate a place that works on your old and rare BMW/Ducati/Triumph or whatever you ride. For the DIY motorcycle enthusiast, here is a good look at why a Clymer manual can be the best tool in your toolbox.

HD teardown


1.    Written from Experience

Every Clymer manual is written during a complete tear down and rebuild of the entire motorcycle. Each manual is specifically made just for that specific make and model of motorcycle. This provides exactly the info you need, without the fluff you don’t want.working on the rebuild

2.    Detailed Pictures

Important steps are explained in detail, and often with high resolution close-up pictures. A text explanation can help, but photos are often priceless when dealing with small complex parts. You won’t find pictures like these in the factory service manual.4071 cover rear

3.    Newbie Friendly

Clymer manuals are user friendly, to the point that a first time motorcycle owner can buy one and get started maintaining their own bike on day one. Follow along step-by-step, as the manual guides you on everything from checking the battery health, to replacing the air filter.03-02.53.p

4.    Expert Advice

The motorcycle expert needs a manual too. Torque specs, part numbers, and model year changes are all so numerous as to be easily forgettable. Whether upgrading a camshaft, or rebuilding the transmission, follow a manual so you don’t miss a critical step.garage 1

5.    Wide Selection

The wide variety of motorcycle manuals means that you can buy the manual you need, no matter what you ride. Cruisers, dirt bikes, enduros, café racers and sport bikes, Clymer covers every aspect of the motorcycle hobby.4071cover03

6.    Print and Digital Versions

Got your greasy hands full of a project, and no time for flipping pages? That’s alright, Clymer has online repair manuals too. They offer the exact same trusted content as the Clymer Print manuals, but in an electronic format that many prefer.2478_6A 1.2

7.    Huge Knowledge Base

The authors and editors of Clymer manuals are actual motorcycle mechanics. You could get the same knowledge as them by attending a technical college and getting years of experience. But, save your time and money and buy a Clymer manual instead. You get all the benefits of expert mechanic advice at a very reasonable manual price!4071 cover main

8.    Excellent Value

A manual should be one of your most used tools. Right up there with a good socket wrench and a set of torx bits, a Clymer manual gets used a lot. Unlike one-purpose tools, a manual will be with you for every single bit of maintenance or repair. It’s the single most valuable tool in your toolbox!


This post originally appeared on clymer.com