New Grommet Threading Tool for Rick’s

When we first started manufacturing stators back in the day, we ran into the same problem with threading stator wires through the tight holes in the rubber grommets.  So Rick came up with the idea for this tool that is specifically made for the Motorsport Industry.  This has been a huge help to our production team with smoothing out the process as well as speeding it up.

Check out our full how to video below as Rick demonstrates how to use our grommet threading tool.

At the request of some of our dealers, we decided it was time to share this helpful tool!  Some of Rick’s brand new stators do not come with the rubber grommet, so customers need to reuse their old one.  This means you need to thread the wires through yourself and we know this can be a real pain!

Check out the images below to see how user friendly this new tool is.  And yes, it’s the exact same one we use when building our stators in house.  This part will pay for itself in time & aggravation with just one stator job.  Part# 11-003 is $29.95 and available directly from Rick’s Motorsport Electrics website.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!

Typical stator grommet

Insert tool through hole in rubber grommet

Thread wire through tool and grommet)

Remove grommet tool you are done!