Rick’s Motorsport Electrics to Offer a New KTM 50 Replacement Stator for 50cc Bikes

Rick’s Motorsport Electrics to Offer a New KTM 50 Replacement Stator for 50cc Bikes

Since KTM’s very first 50cc rolled out in 2001, these small but mighty dirt bikes have only grown in popularity. Developed for junior riders just starting out in motocross, this powerful bike sports best-in-class features, and exceptional performance.

While the bike has evolved in form and function since then, KTM integrates big bike technologies to ensure that you stay at the head of the field. KTM’s latest offerings are the KTM 50 SX Mini and the 50 SX.

The 2022 KTM 50 SX Mini has a centrifugal multi-disc automatic clutch that quickly gets the rider off the gate with a throttle twist. While this clutch provides quick and powerful acceleration, it is designed to be manageable for junior riders. In addition, the KTM 50 SX Mini can be easily modified to reduce engine power for less experienced riders.

From the rims to the frame, the KTM 50 SX Mini has been designed with a lightweight chassis to give you a competitive edge and a front and rear hydraulic braking system that beginners can quickly master.

The 2022 KTM 50 SX offers the same power on a slightly bigger frame. With a slightly large gas tank and a taller profile, this dirt bike offers performance, speed, and agility that can be calibrated to a young rider’s experience and comfort level.

Maintenance for the KTM 50cc Dirt Bike 

As experienced riders know, motocross bikes require ongoing maintenance and tuning to maintain maximum performance. While dirt bikes over 50cc may need occasional changes to the sparkplugs or jets, KTM’s 50 has its own vulnerability – the stator.

The stator is the heart of the electrical system of these bikes.

The KTM 50 is engineered for performance, which means they rely on the stator to get started,  and to keep it running strong. Simply put, a bad stator will end your moto and cut your weekend short.  When the stator in a KTM 50 is subject to the extreme heat and vibration of everyday use, it can sometimes break down and need replacement.

Finally, an Aftermarket Stator for KTM 50cc Bikes

When we receive frequent requests for a particular part or service, we start looking for ways to help. Here at Rick’s Motorsport Electrics, we take pride in looking out for our customers. That’s why Rick’s Motorsport Electrics developed their very own stator for KTM’s 50cc bikes. Their KTM 50 replacement stator is an aftermarket equivalent to KTM OEM# 45139004000.

Designed to withstand whatever you throw at it, their stator is wound with high temp insulated wire, which keeps the windings from breaking down prematurely. And here’s the best part – all of Rick’s Motorsport Electrics stators come with a one-year replacement warranty.

This part fits several KTM 50cc models:

  • 2004-08 50 Mini Adventure
  • 2006-22 50 SX
  • 2006-09 50 SX Junior
  • 2008-22 50 SX Mini
  • 2002-08 50 SX Mini Adventure
  • 2001-05 50 SX Pro JR/SR
  • 2002-07 50 SX JR/SR Adventure

Rick’s Motorsport Electrics is proud to offer world-class quality aftermarket electrical parts for all of your Powersport needs. Specializing in hard-to-find parts  and custom rebuilds, they provide a one-year warranty on all their aftermarket parts and accessories excluding CDI boxes. Contact us today if you’re looking for a part for your new or vintage bike!