Aftermarket CDI Igniter Boxes

Manufactured by Rick's Motorsport Electrics

Aftermarket CDI Igniter Boxes
Find the Pulse Generating Source Coils for your Motorsport vehicle:

Motorcycle CDI Igniter Boxes / ATV & UTV CDI Igniter Boxes / watercraft CDI Igniter Boxes / snowmobile CDI Igniter Boxes

$30 - $275

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Rick's Motorsport Electrics, Inc offers both OEM style and Hot Shot Series aftermarket replacement CDI boxes. The only real way to test your CDI box is to swap it out with another known good unit from the same year/make/model. Because of this, we recommend that you rule everything else out before replacing the CDI box. There are so many factors that can cause a CDI box to go out, which is why it's the only product that we sell without a warranty.

Rick's Motorsport Electric's CDI Igniter Box Reviews

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