Jericho ATV Trails

Some of you may not know, but we are located on the east coast in southern New Hampshire – in that little part of the state that’s between Massachusetts and Maine. So we have easy access to the Maine coast & the New Hampshire mountains. We are very lucky to be so close to the the trail system in Gorham & Berlin NH. This is the best place to visit if you’re into ATV’s, UTV’s, and Dirt Bikes. Some of the best trails and a very fun & beautiful place to visit!

There are so many miles of well kept trails, a variety of terrain & views of the mountains, lakes & rivers to take in. Smooth trails for a nice relaxing cruise, or the rugged and rocky trails for some adventure! Plus the luxury of riding on the streets to run errands, get gas, even go through a drive through!! In the north east, this is especially unique.


Here is a quick Top 10 list of why we love the Jericho ATV trail system so much:

  1. Hundreds of miles of other connecting trails.
  2. Great views of mountains, lakes, & rivers. Especially from the Windmills.
  3. Fun for everybody,: trails for ATV’s, UTV’s, Dirt Bikes, and some even for 4×4 SUV’s!
  4. Variety of terrain & riding: straight smooth paths, rocky & rough trails, over rivers, over bridges, up mountains, on the road… pretty much anything you can imagine!!
  5. Many ATV & UTV rental places around, so you can have fun even if you don’t own a machine!
  6. You can ride on many of the roads in Gorham & Berlin. Enough said.
  7. Very nice & friendly people live there & they love interacting with the riders.
  8. There are a variety of lodging options in Gorham & surrounding towns, from camping to small motels, to larger upscale hotels. You can even rent a whole house/condo if you’re traveling with a large group and want to stay all together.
  9. Easily mapped out trails: you can buy very detailed maps from many ATV rental places in the area.
  10. Delicious, homemade, warm donuts at Jericho Deli and Convenience, in Berlin NH. And yes, you can get there by road on your ATV!