Keeping Starter Motors Clean

Look, we get it- mudding is FUN.  We enjoy it too!

But you need to make sure your starter motor stays clean.  It is essential to make sure that certain areas of the vehicle are properly sealed or they will become filled with mud/water and become inoperable. The following pictures are of a Polaris starter motor returned on an actual warranty claim for a 1996 Sportsman 400 (disassembled for viewing): This is NOT a happy starter motor!!

It is important to make sure that all gaskets and seals are in good condition so that water doesn’t get into your engine and cause this problem on your vehicle.  Underneath all this mud is rust & corrosion – not a good combination for any electrical part.  With continued exposure to moisture, your starter motor will quit, leaving you stranded.  Staying away from mud all together is the best solution but we all like to have fun, right?  Make sure you take the time to wash your vehicle right after you get back from the trails; don’t let the mud dry up.

We cannot guarantee warranty coverage on starters returned in this condition. In an effort to assure the best customer service we are prepared to repair such starters for a nominal fee depending on the severity of the damage.