Top 10 reasons riding a motorcycle is better than driving a car

Why riding a motorcycle is better than driving a car

Here’s a top 10 list from the motorcycle engineers at Rick’s Motorsport Electrics giving the breakdown on why riding your motorcycle is so much better than driving in your car.

  1. MPG – you save way more money in gas.
  2. Maneuverability – the handling in your car just doesn’t compare.
  3. Don’t be a cager –  you are much more aware of your surroundings on a bike than in a car.  Enjoy!
  4. Easy Parking – you can fit a motorcycle into a lot more places than a car
  5. You don’t have to hear the kids (or anyone) arguing with you – just you and the open road!
  6. Cute girls are more than willing to take a ride on the back.  And they have to get really close!
  7. Ease of commuting – in most states, you can take the car pool lane even riding one-up on your bike.  So wave goodbye to all the traffic!
  8. Camaraderie – motorcyclists love to stick together, there is a sort of unspoken kinship among riders.
  9. Coolness Factor – you are automatically cool when you’re on a bike
  10. Nothing beats that feeling of freedom & power that you can only get on a motorycle


We know there are so many more reasons that riding a motorcycle rocks.  Feel free to add your favorites or anything you think we missed in the comments section!