Be a part of the Rick’s Team!!


We are hiring for a new position in our engineering department!

This position consists of providing technical support to our sales staff by responding to tech inquiries, assisting with product development including research and dynamic testing, and occasional quality control. Assembling of electrical devices will also be occasionally required including stators, starter motors and rectifier regulators.

Minimum job requirements:
-Must be familiar with basic units of electrical measurement such as voltage, amperage, and resistance, how they are defined and how they relate to another, as well as be able to apply these concepts to motorsport applications.
-Must be able to measure these units with a digital multimeter.

-Must be able to read and interpret vehicular electrical schematics

-Must be willing and able to communicate effectively with customers via phone and email to resolve technical issues.

-Must have basic computer skills (Microsoft Office)

-Experience working with basic hand tools (these will be provided; you do not need to provide your own).

Additional Beneficial Qualifications:
-Previous familiarity with motorcycles and other powersport vehicles.

-Experience with electrical assembly, particularly with soldering irons
-Experience working with CAD-style design platforms

-Experience working with milling machines and lathes (non-CNC)

The position is full time, Monday – Friday. If you think this would be a good fit for you, please email your resume to