Helpful Tips as Snow Season Comes to an End

We hit almost 70 degrees here in NH today!  Fair to say that snowmobile season is winding down.  BUT you don’t just want to leave your sled in the trailer until next season.   Take the opportunity now to prep it for storage & you’ll be much better off next year when the snow starts falling.   Here are a few tips to help you out!

Snow will be melting soon!

  • Give your sled a good cleaning.  Not only will it look better but it could help you notice anything out of place that could turn into a problem later on.
  • Now is a great time to do any repairs or modifications you have been planning.
  • Battery tenders are very easy to use and much cheaper then a new battery.
  • If your sled has carburetors, make sure to drain the float bowls.  Having to remove, disassemble, clean and reassemble them is NOT what you want to be doing once the snow hits next year.
  • Remove the drive belt and loosen the tension on the track.  This helps both pieces last longer.  Also, taking the belt off removes tension from the clutches.
  • Seal off the exhaust and any holes it the air box.   Mice love to make homes here and that turns into big problems come riding time.  Just make sure you open everything back up before you start it up.
  • Grease all zerk fittings before putting the sled away.   This is an easy thing to forget once you see the snow start to fall.
  • Store your snowmobile in the driest place you can to prevent corrosion.

Did we miss anything?  What are your tips for fellow snowmobile riders when putting your machines away for the season?