Get Ready for Snow

We’ve already had our first snowfall here in New Hampshire, so that means winter is right around the corner!  Hopefully you took care of your sled before you put it away for the summer, but if you forgot then now is the perfect time to get it ride ready.

You want to be able to start up your sled and start riding as soon as the snow hits;  don’t wait until you’re ready to head out on the trails to check things out.  When you wake up to 8″ of fresh snow you don’t want to deal with fixing a torn track, a bad stator, or realize you didn’t drain your carbs last year.  Whatever the problem is, it will keep you from riding when you want to.  So take this time to get your machine in good shape.  Give it a good inspection.  Has it been started since last year?  Have you made sure there is good gas in it?  What about checking for those pesky mice making a home in your air box?  Are there any repairs you told yourself, “I’ll just get to that in the summer”, that you didn’t get to?

Some areas have a fairly long snow mobile season while others have a couple months at most.  However long your season is, you want to make sure you can maximize your on-sled time.  So go check on your sled now before the snow causes your local deal/repair shop to have a waiting list that goes to May, and every part you need seems to be on back order.  Trust me, your sled misses you!