Happy One Year Anniversary to Rick’s Brand Ambassador

Exactly one year ago, we welcomed Mike Corcoran into the Rick’s Motorsport Electrics family as our very first official Brand Ambassador.   Yes… we hired him in the middle of the shut down and one of the busiest years our industry has seen in a while.  Plans had obviously been in the works before then and we weren’t going to let COVID stop us from getting Mike on board!

One of the most important factors in hiring Mike was to be able to expand our event schedule and have representation in places we hadn’t gone to yet.  We were super excited to have another true motorsport enthusiast that was able to travel and represent our brand in the same way we would.  Mike’s experience and expertise made him the perfect candidate and lucky for us, he was at a point in life where he wanted to make a change.  Win – win!

They say timing is everything and that could not be truer in this case.  Mike was the owner-operator of Motorsports Xing out of East Kingston, NH that he started back in 2014.  He built a successful business from the ground up, gaining notoriety for his mechanical abilities and love of vintage motorcycles.  Talking to Mike as a friend, it seemed like he might be looking for a change and I thought I had the perfect opportunity for both of us.  As a business owner, Mike had also cultivated invaluable skills in customer service, time management, and customer loyalty and I knew those were qualities we were looking for in our Brand Ambassador.

The Rick’s team is very fortunate that Mike decided to take that leap of faith and join us.  He brings a fresh set of eyes to the company and a new perspective on part development as well as promotional opportunities.

Mike has now become a full-fledged member of the Rick’s family but of course, he still hasn’t gotten to do any live trade shows!  But Mike didn’t let that stop him from growing the Rick’s brand across the world in the past year.  If you follow us on social media, you’ve seen how active we are and lots of that content comes from him.  Mike was also instrumental in added a new distributor in Europe: Motorcycle Storehouse; and he’s working on adding another distributor in Australia.  We’re really looking forward to getting back to some in-person events and we’re excited for Mike to meet you all and talk shop!