Ricks Motorsport Electrics 99-500H “Double Shot” Charging kit for 13-20 Polaris RZR 900/1000

Double the Power, Double the Reliability

Side by sides demand even greater power and reliability these days, and Ricks Motorsport Electrics has your machine covered on both fronts with our new Double Shot kit – no matter what terrain you’re taking on.

With our new Double Shot stator design, paired with our new high output flywheel, the Ricks Motorsport experts help your machine achieve an unprecedented 1000 watts of electrical power. Not only is that more than enough to power your RZR and all of its accessories, but 1000 watts are also more powerful than any other conventional Powersports stator on the market, whether OEM or aftermarket!

Better yet, with double the power comes double the reliability. Our Double Shot charging kit includes two 50 amp series regulators/rectifiers. These regulators will have nine-foot leads on them, which gives customers the flexibility to relocate them to any part of their vehicle. The Double Shot allows you to place your regulator away from dirt, debris, mud, and into the wind which keeps it cool and maximizes its performance. The freedom to move the regulator to a protected location on a machine provides peace of mind, especially while navigating tough terrain and the most brutal weather.

Ricks Motorsport Electrics has also streamlined the form and function of the Double Shot charging kit. We’ve eliminated the extra connector that many of the RZR models and other aftermarket kits have on their regulators. Our Double Shot regulators have the extension leads built directly into them instead of having a second connector that plugs into the regulator.

As anyone with an RZR knows, the connectors are a significant source of heat. The heat generated at those connection points presents a major risk to the entire charging system, often resulting in melting parts when overheated. Removing this extra connection point radically reduces the chances of melting and subsequent regulator failure. We’re proud to say that this design feature is unique to our Double Shot regulator. Ricks stands among our competition as the only aftermarket motorsports parts company to offer this aspect of improved regulator design.

Ricks Motorsport Electrics has prioritized aftermarket performance and innovation on motorsport vehicles since our start in the 1970s. The Double Shot regulator is the latest and most cutting-edge Ricks Motorsport Electrics product that responds to consumer needs, enhances the riding experience, and improves the longevity of motorsport vehicles.

The Ricks Double Shot kit, part# 99-500H includes:

  • 1000 watt stator
  • Two 50 Amp Regulators with 9’ leads
  • Ricks High Output Flywheel
  • Zip ties for ease of installation

MSRP: $699.99

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