Package heading to Wheels Through Time!

When we had to sell my mom & dad’s house last year we packed up all of the old parts, nuts & bolts, and other remnants of my very first “repair shop” set up.  I just had a chance to go through some of those old boxes last weekend and came upon an awesome find: antique Alimite grease fittings!  Also found some old brass gas valves.  These were used on motorcycles until about the late 1920s.  I don’t use this stuff anymore but I had a good idea of someone who might be interested…

Fittings on their way to a new home!

I shot an email over to my buddy Dale Walksler, founder of Wheels Through Time Museum.  If you’ve never heard of this guy, you need to look him up!  His museum is located in Maggie Valley, NC and houses a collection of over 350 rare machines.  Dale was happy to take these grease fittings off my hands and give them a new home.  They are shipping out today and will soon be a part of another vintage project.

Wheels Through Time Museum