Super Rare Vintage Kawasaki Z1R-TC’s!

Anyone that follows us pretty regularly knows that Rick is a huge fan of the vintage motorcycle scene & we love to support that market.  We were able to check out this rare collection of THREE Kawasaki Z1R-TC’s!  Our friend and customer was able to acquire all of these bikes from one source.

2 of the 3 Z1R-TC’s in the collection

If you guys know vintage Kawasaki’s then you know what a rare find this is.  These are three of only 500 ever made from 29 years ago – super cool!  We love to see stuff like this and even better to have a chance to see it in person.

super clean 78 Z1R-TC

only 722 miles!

Check out the early 1978 blue bike below – really clean and very low mileage: this is a KEEPER!


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