Ricks motorcycle Safety Tips + the Top Tips from Our Customers


Though riding a motorcycle is both thrilling and freeing, safety should be a top priority. Whether you are new to the world of motorcycles or a seasoned pro, keeping yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road safe requires some thought and planning. Keep reading for our top motorcycle safety tips, as well as the top tips from our customers! 

1. Always wear your helmet!

We have to start this list with the most important tip – always wear your helmet. And we are not talking about just any helmet, but a full-face helmet that is DOT approved. While a full-face helmet provides extra protection in the event of a crash, it can help block smaller annoyances and safety hazards as well. A full-face helmet can keep bugs and birds at bay while you enjoy your ride. 

I think this tip is best illustrated with an example. My son was riding his motorcycle a few summers ago, and a bird flew into his face. While the event gave him a shock, he turned out just fine. Suffice it to say, he was more than thankful for his full-face helmet!

2. Be aware of your surroundings.

Our second tip is another extremely important safety reminder. When riding, you should always be aware of your surroundings. It is important to assume at all times that someone is either trying to kill you or that other drivers cannot see you. Defensive driving is crucial for motorcyclists because your vehicle is much smaller than the cars and trucks on the road and you are much more exposed. Staying safe means constantly monitoring your surroundings and being aware of vehicles and obstacles in your path. 

3. Don’t be a fool, ride cool! 

It can be tempting to ride with your hair loose and the wind brushing across your arms, but the coolest riders keep themselves protected. In addition to your helmet, you should ride with gloves, long pants, a jacket, and boots whenever possible. This checklist can help you avoid some serious injuries, including ones that could cost you your life. 

Concussions, road rash, bone breakages, torn ligaments, and even more serious issues are all preventable. You can significantly lessen the damage and keep yourself safe by wearing the appropriate attire while riding your bike. Be a cool rider and get the right gear. 


4. Bike maintenance is crucial. 

In addition to your gear, you should also have a regular checklist for your bike before you start to ride. Maintaining your bike and checking it before each ride can help prevent catastrophic injuries and damage to your bike. 

First and foremost, you should always check your tires. Make sure they are not bald and check that they are free of cracks, holes, or similar damage. Did you know that there is a very small contact patch between your bike’s tires and the pavement? Keeping your tires in good condition can help you avoid malfunctions. 


5. Grass is a biker’s glass. 

And if you are in New England, so is sand! Bikers should beware when grass becomes caught between your motorcycle’s tires and the pavement. If you are not cautious, things can get scary very quickly. Leaving grass clippings on the side of the road is illegal, but unfortunately that does not keep people from doing it. Avoid taking corners too fast and always stay aware of your surroundings to make sure you do not run into slippery grass clippings. 


Top Safety Tips from Our Users

We asked, you answered! Thank you to everyone who submitted their advice for motorcycle safety. Through years of experience and trial and error, we can all learn and ride safer in the future! Our favorite safety tips from fans are below. 

  • Ride as if you’re invisible because to most drivers, you are. – Jim Richardson
  • Wear your gear – Smallbore2wheels
  • When in doubt, throttle out! – Dirtyderz
  • Thorough pre-ride check. Every. Single. Time. – Matthew.zimpieri
  • Expect and prepare for vehicles ton not see you – Misshoney.d


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