Which Suzuki Rectifier/Regulator do you need?

Choosing the correct rectifier regulator for your Suzuki

From 1977-1986, Suzuki used a mix of three different rectifier/regulator models for their street bikes, primarily the GS-models.  Although the rectifier/regulators themselves were essentially the same across all models, they featured three different lead-off styles.  Rick’s Motorsport Electrics carries direct plug-in replacements for all three.  Please use this guide to determine which rectifier/regulator will properly fit your motorcycle:

If your OE rectifier/regulator                  …you need part number:

is terminated with…                                                           10-202

Three AC input wires with male bullet

terminals, a DC positive with a female bullet

terminal, and a 6mm eyelet on the ground wire


Three AC input wires and the DC positive

going to a 4-position female connector and

the ground ending in a female bullet terminal

Five male spade terminals embedded on                                                      10-222

the rectifier/regulator itself with no lead wires


On the 10-202 and 10-212, the white/red, white/blue, and yellow wires are the AC inputs, red is DC positive, and black/white is DC negative (ground).  For the 10-222, use the pin-out provided on the chart.

NOTE: We carry heavy-duty versions on some of the 10-202 (10-221H) and 10-212 (10-223H) applications.  It is highly advised that these be used instead of the stock OE replacements.

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