A visit to Revival Cycles – The artists of the Motorcycle Industry

On a little street, in a little neighborhood, in the great big city of Austin, Texas, you will find a large, nondescript old steel building that is populated by some of the motorcycle industry’s finest and most talented artisans and their remarkable creations. Revival Cycles call themselves a “cultural center for motorcyclists”, and after Rick’s visit last week, he agrees there is no question about that. What the folks over at Revival have done is an incredible feat… They’ve gathered some of the most talented people in their fields, respectively, and put them under one roof; all working together like a well-oiled machine to create some of the most beautiful artwork that is not only gorgeous to the eye, but is also functional and extremely user-friendly. That is no small task. Such high level artists typically have processes for creating, processes that aren’t usually meant to blend cohesively with the work of others. Yet, that’s exactly what the team at Revival Cycles does… they’ve found a way to bring 8 -10 of the most masterful artists together, separately crafting the finest parts for one seamless project. Rick was undoubtedly impressed.

As he was ushered in by Jeff, Rick paused to admire an arena of museum quality motorcycles as he walked through the door. Greeting him with the first awestruck moment of the day was this beautiful Vincent… still one of the most incredibly designed motorcycles to date.

 ricks motorsport electrics

Rick was shown around the shop and learned a little bit about what each artist contributes at Revival, and they discussed the importance of attention to detail when it comes to such custom craftsmanship.

custom motorcycle

And speaking of attention to detail, check out the exquisite detail in these fillet welds that the guys did on one of their current projects.  They look as perfect as the inside of a nautilus shell…

ricks motorsport electrics

Revival Cycles gives a whole new meaning to the word “custom”. Their artistry and skills are on their own level as is evident in their work…

custom motorcycle shop revival cycles revival cycles custom motorcycles custom motorcycle

As the day went on and he spoke with more people, Rick couldn’t help but notice the mutual respect and admiration that he and the folks at Revival had for one another. The foundation of a successful partnership is built on respect, and that’s exactly what Rick’s Motorsport Electrics and Revival Cycles have formed together. The amount of care and consideration that goes into their work is obvious, and when it came time for Revival to choose charging systems for their motorcycles about a year ago, they did their research and chose us for our reliability and ease of use. We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with such a great company!

Success leaves clues. When you work hard and put your heart and soul into what you do, it shows. Both Revival Cycles and Rick’s have done wonderful things separately, but when you bring two successful companies together, the sum is greater than the parts.

hand built motorcycle