Need Some Restoration Inspiration??

The winter is motorcycle restoration season and here at Rick’s we love keeping up with what people are doing, and we always love checking out a great restoration job! But sometimes we all need a little inspiration, right?  Or you just want to spend a few minutes looking at beautiful bike builds dreaming of someday building your own. That’s exactly why we’ve created a list of our favorite blogs for restoring, building, and modifying classic motorcycles… If you want advice, tricks and tips, or just some inspiration, you can check out these blogs for some of the best!

Check out the latest feature build on Bike EXIF!


  1. Pipeburn – Features different bike restorations with beautiful pictures and a great writeup on each one
  2. Return of the Cafe Racers – A great blog with a lot of helpful DIY info
  3. Bike EXIF – Great reviews, lots of good information, and features the best custom bikes from around the web
  4. Motorcycle Classics – This blog focuses on some of the most classic bikes
  5. The Bike Shed – Custom-built, lifestyle, and bikes for sale
  6. Dime City Cycles – Lots of personal DIY stories

One of our builder buddies: John Hibbard’s creation


Aside from these blogs, there are plenty of other sources for inspiration.  Instagram (of course!), Pinterest, your local bike club – we’re a member of the national  (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club), or even your friends’ builds.  These are all great places to look to get your juices flowing on your next project!  So where do you guys look for new ideas?