Special Promotion on Honda ATC250R


The Honda ATC250R is a coveted, high performance 3-wheeler that enthusiasts just LOVE to ride! In their day, their performance was absolutely unrivaled. In 1981, the ATC250R was the first and only pure performance ATV produced by a major manufacturer. In 1986, production stopped on these ATC’s due to safety concerns. There were rumors that Honda was working on an all new upgraded 1987 version, but production was halted and only parts from the elusive 1987 ATC250R have been found… never a full working vehicle.

From now through the month of February, here at Rick’s we are offering 2 parts for this exciting ATC at a special promotional price! These are part of our hot shot series… a set of parts that have been upgraded from the original part to enhance power, performance, and efficiency!

These parts will also fit the 1986-1989 TRX250R as well.



Rick’s Hot Shot High Output Stator- Part #21-620H. This part will provide 200 watts of electrical power. Fits 1985-1986 ATC250R and 1986-1989 TRX250R

Rick’s Hot Shot CDI Box- Part #15-615. This box has a larger capacity and hotter spark than OE. It will replace OE #30410-HA2-671. Fits 1985-86 ATC250R and 1986-89 TRX250R.


Happy Riding!