Dead Batteries on Motorcycles and ATVs

How to Avoid Dead Batteries on Motorcycles and ATVs

Spring time = dead batteries

Tips for Troubleshooting and Preventing Dead Batteries on your Motorcycle or ATV

Why do motorcycle batteries die during the winter?

Less than half of the motorcycle /ATV owners maintain their battery over the winter. According to our friends at Battery-Tender, lead acid batteries lose 1% of their power a day!

So, if your machine sits from December through March, you now have a junk battery. When the machine sits, the battery sulfates; this condition is almost impossible to reverse. People try to charge the bad battery and then hope the vehicle’s charging system will fix the problem. WRONG. You just over tax the charging system, burning out the stator, rectifier-regulator, connections and wires. “Good charging systems keep good batteries charged. They don’t re- charge a dead battery.” It doesn’t matter if its an Everstart motorcycle battery or an Optima motorycle battery, once the battery is dead it is not going to recharge.

Dead Battery Solution

Keep a trickle charge on your battery when the machine is not in use. If you suspect a bad battery, make sure you bring your motorcycle or ATV to your local service center. They can do a load test for you. If your battery fails the test, replace it. It costs a lot less for a new battery than to replace your whole charging system.