Kawasaki ZX12 Stators Over-Heating

How to prevent your Kawasaki ZX12 Stator from Over Heating

The Kawasaki ZX12 stator is known for burning up. But there are a couple things you can do to prolong the life of your new replacement stator.

kawasaki ZX12 stator prevent from overheating

Replace Kawasaki ZX12 Stator Cover Gasket

First – make sure you ALWAYS replace the stator cover gasket. There is a small notch in this gasket that allows oil to flow through to the stator to cool it. If this notch is blocked by old oil & debris the stator will not get cooled and burn up prematurely.

Check Your Kawasaki ZX12 Stator Cover

Second, if your stator is shorting to ground – check your stator cover. Some aftermarket covers are just machined out, not casted out; so the oil galley may not be machined into the cover causing the same blockage as using an old gasket. A machined out cover can also result in improper clearance, causing the cover to come into contact with the stator and nick the wires. That will short out your new stator.

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