Late Season Snowmobiling

We are coming up on the tail end of snowmobile season and I wanted to share a few things for our readers to keep in mind this time of year.  It’s easy to just throw your machine into the trailer at the end of the day and assume you will clean it up after the next ride.  The problem is that next ride could be next year at this point.  Then you have to take care of your dirty sled that hasn’t been summarized before you go out for the first ride next season.  Take the time now to at least keep it clean and throw a bottle of fuel stabilizer in the tank.  You will thank yourself next year!

The temperatures are rising this time of year but don’t let that go to your head.  A lot of us think that if it is 35-40 degrees at the start of the ride then we can ride in shorts and a tee shirt.  Don’t be this guy; it can still be plenty cold on the trail!  If you do happen to break down or get stuck then you will be happy to have the extra layers.

Also, warmer temps mean thinner ice.  I know this should go without saying but we all know someone that has lost their sled to thin ice.  Be smart.  If you have an ice hut, you want to think about getting that off the water soon too.   Here is a quick reference list below.  Feel free to add any of your tips too!


  1. Store your sled dirty

  2. “trust the ice”

  3. Assume you can summarize your sled after the “next ride”

  4. Ride alone

  5. Go out unprepared just because “it’s March”


  1. Ride safe

  2. Treat this as your last ride of the season

  3. Continue to maintain your sled

  4. Keep a spare belt with you

  5. Enjoy the last of the snow

That’s it for now.  Just a couple quick reminders for you cold weather fans.  Be Safe, Have fun, and stay Fired Up!