Rick’s Hotshot Rotors

If you’re restoring your vintage Honda or Kawasaki motorcycle, one of your key priorities should be getting an upgraded rotor. This is because older motorcycles often have inadequate charging systems, depriving you of a lot of potential power. Luckily, you can now get a Rick’s Hotshot rotor and overcome the charging system deficiency.

In this article, we’ll go through the properties of rotors from Rick’s Hotshot series and explain why they’re so efficient.

What Makes Rick’s Hotshot Rotors Ideal for Vintage Hondas & Kawasakis?

Rick’s Hotshot rotors are a perfect match with vintage Hondas or Kawasakis as they provide greater energy output. The rotors provide greater charging & ignition potential to the engines of models pushing 40 or 50 years old, whose components have suffered a lot of wear and tear. These rotors are also compatible with lithium-ion batteries, just make sure you upgrade your rectifier regulator.

The rotors are more powerful and advanced compared to stock components using state-of-the-art neodymium magnets that allow for greater energy output and optimal performance.  The higher the voltage giong to your coil, the better/hotter your ignition spark is: resulting in a better running engine!

In particular, the 41-100H model has an energy output of over 150 watts at 3000 RPM. In comparison, stock components put out only about 80 watts at the same RPM.

The difference is even more dramatic when it comes to the 41-200H edition. Namely, the rotor puts out about 290 watts at 3000 RPM, whereas OEM Kawasaki rotors put out nearly two times less.

Additionally, the rotors are easy to install and compatible with the stock starter clutch. Also, the rotors have stock timing marks and come with a 12-month replacement warranty, which is the standard for all parts manufactured by Rick’s Motorsport Electrics.


Here’s a summary of all the features:

  • 290-watt energy output with the 41-200H Kawasaki edition
  • 150-watt energy output with the 41-100H Honda model
  • The rotors are compatible with lithium-ion batteries
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Compatible with the stock starter clutch
  • The rotors have stock timing marks
  • 12-month replacement warranty

What Are the Two Different Types of Rotors? 

Since we’ve already laid out why Rick’s Hotshot rotors are an upgrade to older models, we’ll also mention general details about older rotors and their modern counterparts. This will give you a better understanding of the differences involved.

The Field Coil System 

The field coil system was used in Honda’s early-to-mid 1980s, early Kawasaki 3 cylinders, Yamaha XS650, XS750, and XS1100. The electromagnet in this system operates as a variable strength magnet, meaning the rotor is able to increase or decrease it’s power based on the needs of the system usage.  Alternators in cars use the same system.

The Permanent Magnet System

Most modern sports bikes have switched to the permanent magnet system. The system consists of a permanent magnet that rotates outside or inside the stator. Unlike the field coil system, the rotor’s power level is fixed.  The variation in charging is only dictated by the speed of the rotor.

What Bikes Can Use Rick’s Hotshot Rotors? 

Rick’s Hotshot rotor 41-100H will fit over 20 vintage Honda bikes. Here’s a list of some of the models compatible with the rotors:

  • 1968  CB350K Twin
  • 1973 CB350K Twin
  • 1968 CL350
  • 1973 CL350
  • 1974  CB360
  • 1977 CB360
  • 1976 CL360
  • 1977 CJ360T

Rick’s Hotshot rotor 41-1200H will fit over 10 vintage Kawasaki bikes. Here’s a list of some of the models compatible with the rotors:

  • 1976 KZ900 LTD
  • 1973 Z1
  • 1975 Z1
  • 1977 KZ1000A
  • 1978 KZ1000 Z1R


Give Your Honda the Much-needed Spark 

If you were thinking of scrapping your vintage Honda because it no longer has the same power as it did in its heyday, Rick’s Motorsport Electrics Hotshot Rotors Series may cause you to reconsider.

The rotors will provide your old Honda & Kawi with modern charging and help you overcome the stock system’s inadequacies. It’s easy to install and packs quite a punch.