Special Promotion on Brand New Aftermarket Starter Motor for Kawasaki KZ400B/H & KZ440 Street Bike with OE# 21063-1011

Winter is definitely the best time to focus on your vintage motorcycle restoration projects!

Rick’s Motorsport Electrics offers a brand new Aftermarket Starter Motor for your Kawasaki KZ400B/H & KZ440 Street Bike with OE# 21063-1011. Rick’s part #61-220 is a direct replacement, permanent magnet design.

starter motor for kz400

In the past, the magnets in the Kawasaki motors often broke, leaving you with an unrebuildable part. The starter motor is an essential part to keep your bike running. Without a working one, your bike collects dust. Unfortunately, there are no repair parts for these and no way to rebuild them.

Ricks Motorsport Electrics has manufactured this brand new, upgraded starter motor for these vintage Kawasaki bikes. This is the ONLY replacement part available anywhere at this time, as it has been discontinued from Kawasaki.

We are offering a special promotion on this part from now through January 18th, 2019!

MSRP: $219.95

Promotional Price: $186.95


aftermarket starter motor for kz400




These bikes are easily accessible, inexpensive, and have great bones, making them great all around streetbikes.They may not be flashy, but they’re easy to use, a breeze to service, and simple to customize. They’re also economical, getting around 60mpg. They’re great to have around, and now you can restore your vintage Kawasaki with our brand new starter motor and never have to worry about the magnets breaking again!

Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂