Do’s & Don’ts of Vintage Charging Systems: Part 2

So this is 2nd part of our summary on Rick’s presentation in Motorcycles Classics booth at Barber Vintage Festival.  We’re going to get into more details in this post, some common issues we see with these vintage bikes, and some solutions to help you guys out!

**Voltage Drop**

This is one of the most common issues we see here at Rick’s with these older bikes!  You definitely want to be familiar with this because it’s bound to come up at some point.  This is an extensive lesson so we’ve put together two YouTube videos on it that you can check out below:

And our main tech guru Sean talks here a little more extensively:

Lithium Ion batteries in vintage motorcycles:

A lot of people are liking the new technology of lithium ion batteries, especially for custom builds because they weigh next to nothing, come in a small package and you can put them anywhere (even upside down!).  But they are VERY different from the traditional lead acid battery and if you’re thinking of converting, you need to educate yourself about the pro’s & con’s.

  • When a lithium ion battery looses it’s charge, it’s completely dead.  It doesn’t fade away like your lead acid battery.  It’s all there, then it’s all gone.
  • We work with the guys from Optimate & they know their stuff!  Definitely get yourself one of their chargers because you can’t charge a lith-ion battery with a lead acid charger.
  • You also want to have a rectifier regulator that works at the correct voltage set point.  This is crucial because you don’t want to make the expensive mistake below

We also have over 30 tech videos on your Youtube Channel so take a look!

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