Electrical Motorcycle Parts – Why should you buy from Ricks?

Rick’s Motorsport Electrics, Inc. has been an industry leader for over 40 years.  What began as a small motorcycle salvage business in the late 1970’s has grown to a well recognized, highly reputed brand name in the Motorsport world.  Rick’s Motorsport Electrics offers a full line of charging and starting systems and electrical ignition components for Asian and European street bikes, ATV/off road, snow mobiles, and watercraft.  We sell new and rebuilt units all over the country and world-wide. Our company goal is to provide customers with quick, friendly, and dependable service and when you call us you speak to an actual real live human and we know our customers really value that! But beyond our legendary customer service, we wanted to take the time to tell you about what (we think) makes Ricks so special. These days with the internet, you can find almost anything you’re looking for faster than ever, but no one quite does it like Ricks, so let us count the ways…


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  • Rick’s Motorsport offers a one year warranty on all of their products, excluding CDI boxes.  A warranty on electrical parts is a welcome surprise to customers, but company president Rick Shaw knows its true value.  “We only use the best materials for our parts, and we believe in them. If one of our pieces proves to be defective, we have no problem replacing the piece.”  Rick’s Motorsport Electrics is very proud of their reputation in the industry and continues to make every effort to remain the source for high quality, cost effective alternatives to OEM electrical pieces.


  • Almost all of Rick’s parts are direct plug-in, bolt-on pieces for an easy install.  “We try to make it as easy as possible for the tech doing the job,” says company president Rick Shaw.  Most of the parts that we sell are brand new pieces.  However, we still rebuild rotors, stators, and starter motors that we cannot manufacture new. This allows for custom jobs for customers that have nowhere else to go.  “We want people to repair their old vehicles because it’s good for the entire industry,” says Shaw. “That means the dealer will sell more tires, more spark plugs, etc. so everyone is happy.” Rick’s concern for the dealers comes from his history in the business.  Company president Rick Shaw was a skilled mechanic and always dreamed of opening his own business.  His love for motorcycles and natural mechanical ability led him to open a small motorcycle repair and salvage shop in 1978.  As the service department grew, he realized the need for a cost effective alternative to OEM electrical parts. “I noticed a pattern of certain bikes with the same electrical problem,” Rick recalls.  “I said to myself, if I had ten of these parts in stock, I could sell all ten.” So he began rebuilding stators, rotors and starter motors for his customers and the business grew from there. From the beginning, the company has strived to supply customers and dealers with a quality product at an affordable price. Rick’s Motorsport Electrics now has over 6000 dealers in their database and numerous retail customers.   The Rick’s Motorsport Electrics brand is carried by major distributors throughout the US and International markets, including Parts Unlimited, Parts Europe, Western Powersports, Tucker Rocky, and Thibault Imports (Canada). “We are a small company doing big things,” says office manager Donna Shaw.  Donna is Rick’s wife and the family tradition continues in the business with their daughter, Amanda who is head of marketing and public relations.


Rick’s first shop in Methuen, MA

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  • Another reason to choose us is we are continually developing new parts and adding to our line of products.  “To stay on top of the market, you have to constantly offer something new,” says Shaw. Some of our recent projects include replacement pieces for the older vintage bikes and café racers.  “With the restoration & vintage bike market blowing up, our upgraded electrical pieces are the perfect solution for parts that are no longer available from the OEM suppliers.” We are also expanding our ATV and off road line by offering high output performance parts, including the Honda CRF230 charging kit and 70 amp Hot Shot regulator for Polaris RZR.


  • And that brings us to another thing that we really pride ourselves on; our dedication to helping and educating our customers. We know that sometimes our customers like a little DIY, and most people find it’s really helpful to see as well as hear, how to repair something. We have an awesome resource for those customers in our extensive collection of how-to videos located over on YouTube. We think Rick has a natural, unique ability to break the steps down in an easy to understand way… check it out for yourself, say hello, and let us know what you think!


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