New Aftermarket High Output Rotor for Vintage CB350/360s

Rick’s Motorsport Electrics has a new Hot Shot Series alternator rotor for the vintage Honda CB350/360s.  The new rotor uses modern neodymium magnets in the production of the part.  This results in a 70% increase in output over the stock OEM part.  Better output allows the use of improved ignition & lighting systems.

Hot Shot Rotor for Vintage Honda’s


Even if you could get a stock part from Honda (it’s been discontinued), Rick’s part is far superior and stronger that the ones Honda built over 45 years ago.  Rick’s Hot Shot Rotor will give your classic bike more power & prolong the battery life.  It will work with both the stock stator & Rick’s Hot Shot charging kit that includes both an upgraded stator & combination rectifier/regulator for even more modern power!  If you are running a lithium-ion battery, we have lith-ion compatible rec/regs that won’t melt it!



Rick’s Rotor vs. OE rotor performance (Rick’s is in RED)

The rotor is part# 41-100H and retails for $159.95.  It also comes with a one year replacement warranty and will replace Honda OE part# 31101-286-309, 31101-369-004 and 31101-286-014.  It will fit the following motorcycles:

1968 CB350K Twin, 1969 CB350K Twin, 1970 CB350K Twin, 1971 CB350K Twin, 1972 CB350K Twin, 1973 CB350K Twin

1968 CL350, 1969 CL350, 1970 CL350, 1971 CL350, 1972 CL350, 1973 CL350

1974 CB360, 1975 CB360, 1976 CB360, 1977 CB360

1976 CJ360T, 1977 CJ360T

1974 CL360, 1975 CL360, 1976 CL360

This Hot Shot Rotor is an easy to install part that just bolts onto your bike without any special tools.  It accepts the stock clutch and has stock timing marks.  We have a passion for all things vintage and love keeping these classic bikes on the road!