Save ’em don’t scrap ’em!

Something I witnessed this past week mad me a bit sad.  A company that I cant name or describe too much scrapped most of their inventory of used Japanese motorcycle parts.  Motors, frames, tanks, plastic, suspension, and everything else.  Items from the 80’s up thru the 2000’s and even some stuff from earlier.  Most of it was late 1980s & early 1990s sportbike parts but there was a ton of CB, GPz, XS, GS, VF, and KZ stuff in there as well.

Gone forever.

Over twenty full size dumpsters.

It was a very difficult thing for me to witness.  These bikes and parts are disappearing fast enough already.  So here is a little reminder for anyone out there that needs one.  Save them!  Don’t scrap them!  What you see as junk and worthless could be exactly what someone else needs to make their dream bike a reality.