Why is my GSXR stator overheating???

Of all the motorcycles out there with charging issues, perhaps the most notorious is the 2006-2009 GSXR600 and GSXR750.  It’s no secret that these bikes have some serious heat issues!  We want to help you guys understand why these bikes have stator issues:

A key reason that these stators have issues with heat is because of the physical design that Suzuki came up with.  When you’re designing sportbikes, weight is a big concern and manufacturers look for any way to shave off extra pounds.  The GSXR charging system is based on a small mass with extremely powerful magnets in the rotor. The stator is small to save weight but the strength of the magnets needed to increase in order to get more power out of the system (to compensate for the smaller stator).  This system produces a large amount of current for its size. The problem is – it also produces a large amount of heat that the stator has a hard time dissipating.

In order to combat this, the engineers at Rick’s have made the best possible improvements within the physical constraints of the machine.  Here’s how that came about:

When Suzuki built their original equipment stator, they twirled all three electrical phases together.  Then they made those three phases come up between one pair of poles (the prongs on the outside of the stator that are wrapped in copper). This type of build creates a concentration of heat in that area because you’re routing all of those electrical connections into one small space.  Check out the stator below to see what we’re talking about – you can clearly see one specific area on the stator where the windings are burnt.

On the Rick’s Motorsport Electrics aftermarket stator – the 3 phases come up through separate poles.  This helps to disapate the heat as best as possible.  Of course this doesn’t solve the problem completely but we came up with the best solution possible that would fit within the motorcycle.  We also recommend you upgrade to our Hot Shot rec/reg that is made with cooling Mosfet technology.  This combo is your best defense as we get into the heat of riding season!